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Zebra Symmetry Fulfillment

Power your productivity with Team Intelligence by orchestrating the picker path with a team of robots for a directed workflow for unparalleled efficiency. Strike a balance between throughput and cycle time, optimizing every second of every workflow. With unparalleled analytics, empower decision-making for true operational agility.


Enhance Efficiency by Streamlining Order Fulfillment Processes

Zebra SymmetryTM Fulfillment offers a comprehensive solution to increase productivity and reduce costs per unit.  Revolutionize your warehouse operations by harnessing the power of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and wearable technologies, software, and analytics while maintaining high standards of quality and improving performance.  Ensure efficient movement of both workers and robots to maximize productivity by optimizing the path of a picker with a team of robots for a directed workflow.

Economize without compromise
Economize without compromise

Strives for the lowest cost per unit, without sacrificing quality or performance.

Synchronize movement
Synchronize movement

Orchestrate the path of a picker with a team of robots for a directed workflow for unparalleled efficiency.

Empower decision-making
Empower decision-making

Return the reins of decision-making to operations leaders for true operational agility.

Balance throughput
Balance throughput

Strikes a balance between throughput and minimal cycle time, optimizing every second of every workflow.

Zebra Symmetry Fulfillment Provides Unmatched Value

Optimize your workspace and workforce. Streamline order fulfillment processes to sharpen operational performance by empowering your floor managers and pickers to increase output and deliver the best cost per unit. 

Best-in-class robotics hardware including UltraSLAM

State-of-the-art rugged mobile computing and data capture

World class reliability with Zebra’s global technical support

Twice the speed of leading AMR competitors

Reduce the distance between picks

Ensure operators stay on task

Speed up item-picking tasks for fastest turnaround

Maximize your WMS investment and eliminate redundant costs

Gather comprehensive transactional and telemetry data for enhanced analysis

Create valuable insights that help drive more informed operational decisions with advanced capabilities for optimizing labor

Fuel the cycle of lowering cost per unit for optimal efficiency

Powered by Best-in-Class Zebra Products and Software

Zebra Symmetry

Symmetry is Zebra's cloud-based software that gives you complete control of your AMRs and automation workflows.

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