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Robotics Automation Software

Zebra Symmetry

Zebra SymmetryTM is cloud-based software that gives you control of your Fetch Autonomous Mobile Robots and automation workflows in your warehouse and manufacturing operations.

Zebra Symmetry Benefits

Cloud-Based Platform to Control Your AMR Fleet and Automation Workflows

Quick and Easy Deployment
Quick and Easy Deployment

AMRs can be up and running in just hours without complex programming or need for extensive IT support. Leverage your current Wi-Fi network.

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

Symmetry has an intutive user interface that allows you to view your AMR fleet in your operation and easily build and modify workflows through a drag and drop interface.

Cloud-Based Software
Cloud-Based Software

Symmetry's cloud based platform is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, making it flexible, scalable and cost-effective.


Zebra Symmetry Features

Build and Annotate Maps


Build your facility map in minutes. Easily annotate your map to enable your AMRs to better navigate their environment. Create keep-out zones, designate preferred paths, add charge docks, cart positions and much more.

Create Workflows with Visual Programming


Program tasks with a drag and drop style workflow builder. Workflows is a powerful yet easy to use visual interface where you can build and schedule workflows that tell your robots what to do and when to do it.

Initiate Workflows With Device and Sensor Triggers


Flexibility is key when collaborating with AMRs. Trigger workflows using devices such as tablets, barcode scanners, or a WMS.

Smart Charging for Robot Fleets


Our automated charge management system ensures uninterrupted performance by monitoring charge levels and determining the optimal times to send AMRs for recharging. This considers robot availability, schedules, battery status, and overall health.

Monitor Robot Status and Performance


Visualize your operational metrics and get real-time insights and reports. Symmetry captures vast amounts of data and displays it in a multitude of ways to help you stay on top of your operations.

Power Your Productivity with Zebra Autonomous Mobile Robots