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Intelligent Cabinets Support


How to get ZAMS software:

  1. Purchase an Access Management System contract 1, 3, or 5 Year terms
  2. Log into Note secure downloads require registration with a valid contract ID. Contract ID is sent as part of the received order. Contact the help desk or your sales contact if you need it resent

Zebra’s Access Management System (ZAMS) is an elegant, easy to use software solution to manage and control your mobile assets.
The intelligent way to keep your mobile computers safe.

Requirement - Android OS 8.0 to Android 11.

Mobile Application for Zebra Android mobile computers

The ZAMS mobile application runs on a wide number of  Zebra Android mobile computers. The application provides the ability to unlock & lock devices and show battery status whilst located in the Intelligent Cabinets. This is all communicated to the ZAMS Kiosk (CC6000) via WiFi.

The ZAMS KIOSK application runs on Zebra CC6000.
Data from the devices associated with that cabinet is captured and displayed on colour coded dashboard on the Kiosk, such as battery status, devices in use, on charge or missing. 

The AMS Video on Device Application and Dashboard training materials provide AMS users with various role-specific training videos, as well as a poster for device users. The videos cover how to get started with the device; how to use the AMS dashboard on the CC6000 display; how to get started as an AMS administrator; and how to deploy the AMS software to a customer.

- Access Management System Downloads


  ZAMS Application software


ZAMS Version 24.1.0

Release Date: 

March 2024


ZAMS Version 24.1.0 Release Notes Download 559 KB


Component versions in this release:

  • - AMS Server (v4.1.0)
  • - Cabinet Kiosk AMS (Core v1.7.0) (UI v1.5.0: No Change in UI from previous version)
  • - Device AMS (v2.7.0)

 Download 52 MB


ZAMS Version 23.4.0

Release Date: 

December 2023


ZAMS Version 23.4.0 Release Notes Download 


Component versions in this release:

  • - AMS Server (v3.4.0)
  • - Cabinet Kiosk AMS (Core v1.6.0 and UI v1.5.0)
  • - Device AMS (v2.6.0)



ZAMS Version 23.3.1

Release Date: 

September 2023


ZAMS v23.3.1 Release Notes Download 400 KB


Component versions in this release:

  • - AMS Server (v3.3.2)
  • - Cabinet Kiosk AMS (Core v1.5.2 and UI v1.4.2)
  • - Device AMS (v2.5.2)

 Download 59 MB


Previous Release Notes

Release Date: 

August 2023


ZAMS v23.3.0 Release Notes

Version v23.3.0 August 2023 :

  • - AMS Server (v3.3.1)
  • - Cabinet Kiosk AMS (Core v1.5.1 and UI v1.4.1)
  • - Device AMS (v2.5.1)

 Download 530 KB
ZAMS v23.2.0 Release Notes

Version v23.2.0 June 2023 :

  • - AMS Server (v3.3.0)
  • - Cabinet Kiosk AMS (Core v1.5.0 and UI v1.4.0)
  • - Device AMS (v2.5.0)

 Download 853 KB
ZAMS v22.4.3 Release Notes

Version v22.4.3 April 2023 :

  • - AMS Server (v3.2.1)
  • - Cabinet Kiosk AMS (Core v1.4.2 and UI v1.3.0)
  • - Device AMS (v2.4.1)

 Download 386 KB
ZAMS v22.4.1 Release Notes

Version v22.4.1 January 2023 :

  • - AMS Server (v3.2.0)
  • - Cabinet Kiosk AMS (Core v1.4.1 and UI v1.3.0)
  • - Device AMS (v2.4.0)

 Download 1 MB
ZAMS v22.3 Release Notes

Version v22.3 October 2022 :

  • - AMS Server (v3.1.1)
  • - Cabinet Kiosk AMS (Core v1.3.6 and UI v1.2.6)
  • - Device AMS (v2.3.57)

 Download 1 MB
ZAMS v22.2.1 Release Notes

Version v22.2.1 August 2022 :

  • - AMS Server (v3.0.18)
  • - Cabinet Kiosk AMS (Core v1.2.24 and UI v1.1.8)
  • - Device AMS (v2.3.50)

 Download 265 KB
ZAMS v22.2 Release Notes

Version v22.2 July 2022:

  • - AMS Server (v3.0.18)
  • - Cabinet Kiosk AMS (Core v1.2.23 and UI v1.1.8)
  • - Device AMS (v2.3.50)

 Download 660 KB
ZAMS v22.1 Release Notes

Version v22.1 April 2022:

  • - AMS Server (v3.0.14)
  • - Cabinet Kiosk AMS (Core v1.2.5 and UI v1.1.2)
  • - Device AMS (v2.3.16)

 Download 771 KB
ZAMS v21.4 Release Notes

Version v21.4 January 2022:

  • - AMS Server (v3.0.11)
  • - Cabinet Kiosk AMS (Core v1.0.26 and UI v1.0.8)
  • - Device AMS (v2.1.72)

 Download 739 KB
ZAMS v21.3 Release Notes

Version v21.3 Nov 2021:

  • - AMS Server (v3.0.5)
  • - Cabinet Kiosk AMS (Core v1.0.7 and UI v1.0.2)
  • - Device AMS (v2.1.55)

 Download 403 KB
ZAMS v21.2.11 Release Notes

Version v21.2 Aug 2021:

  • - AMSServer (changetov2.0.14)
  • - Cabinet Kiosk AMS (Core v0.0.47and UI v0.0.43)
  • - Device AMS (v2.1.51)

 Download 445 KB
ZAMS v3.0.1 Release Notes

Version v3.0.1 May 2021:

  • - AMS Server (no change)
  • - Cabinet Kiosk AMS (Core v0.0.44 and UI v0.0.40)
  • - Device AMS (v2.1.46)

 Download 398 KB

 Video On Device and Dashboard Training


Video On Device (VOD)

Release Date: 

January 2023


Release Notes VOD V5.3.0.1046 Download 133 KB


Video On Device (VOD) Package

The Video on Device (VOD) application allows short, easy-to-follow, how-to videos to be played on a Zebra Android mobile computer, giving a device user easy access to continued on-the-job learning for the Zebra Access Management System right at their fingertips.

 Download 10 MB


Standalone Video(s)

Release Date: 

January 2023


Cabinets 3. ZAMS Admin Training Video

 Download 68 MB
Cabinets 4. ZAMS Deployment Training Video

 Download 42 MB


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